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The March 2012 update has been posted and ready for download. To update your system, run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live

Social Media Plug-In For Center Stage Live and CS Contest Management

Automatically post selected Metadata elements from Center Stage Live and Contest winners from CS Contest Management to your Twitter and Facebook accounts complete with Hash Tags and URL Links via our new CSSocial package.

Data Casting with Center Stage Live


for Songs

Send all or selected songs to your Twitter and/or Facebook via the Social Media Song List option in CSScheduler. Using the Social Media Song List option you can choose to send all songs and default the artist name as the hash tag. select specific artist or songs including a specific hash tag and URL link or both.

CSSocial for Promotional Informational

Commercial Messages

We have also added an Extended Data Content Tab to the Center Stage Scheduler. Using this option we can "trigger" any number of informational, Promotional and Commercial messages to our Data Casting services as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts. If desired we can send one message to the Data Casting system while a different messages goes to our social media accounts.

As part of the Data Casting feeds we can now include even more information to our web and streaming services. This includes; A URL Link to a Web Page such as the Stations contest page or a clients web site, a URL link to a graphic such as a concert poster or a clients logo, a link to an alternate media file such as a flash video or audio file, and a URL Link to artwork such as album art.


Multiple CSSocial Links

Using the CSScheduler Social Media Song list option you can post your entire playlist to your social media accounts but the songs will quickly overwhelm other postings. As such, we can can configure CSRDS to post songs to a special Play List account while other promotional, informational, commercial, and contest messages are posted to your information sites.



At the same time as we send metadata to the Data Casting systems we can also feed the data to tunein.com.

TuneIn is a free service that lets people listen to music, sports and news from around the world. The service offers over 50,000 stations to listeners, who can access these streams through the TuneIn Radio app (available on every smartphone operating system), smart TVs like Roku or Boxee, digital home radios like Sonos or Squeezebox, and car dashboards like Ford AppLink. Over 30 million people listen to TuneIn each month across 230 countries and territories. To include your "Now Playing" information on TuneIn, contact them and say you are an Arctic Palm client, or set up your own TuneIn account at tunein.com. When ready, add your TuneIn ID to your Center Stage Live software and you are good to go.

Live Copy to


Working with OMT Technologies, the Center Stage Live and CS Contest Management processes have been modified to send live copy to the iMediaTouch Op-Log Computer. Based on Scheduled events, this information will automatically be sent to the Op-Log computer as scheduled, or, sent automatically based on on-air events or specific times. Requires Center Stage Live 8.5 or higher and iMediaTouch 4.3 or higher.

Timed Events

When scheduling live copy events, we may now schedule the event as a timed event. Once set, the copy will automatically pop-up in the various Center Stage Live Prompters or be sent to the OMT system for a live read.



Our CSRDS module now captures now-playing information from more Radio Automation Systems, Satellite Services and web services and data casts to more devices and services than ever. More RDS\RBDS Encoders and Web Services such as Tunein, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. For a complete list Click Here for a list of supported systems, devices and services. Please note, this list is growing everyday and if you do not see your system, device or service listed please contact us for adding it to the list.

CS Contest Management

Social Media

When scheduling contests we may now select which contests to post on our Social Media sites along with a Hash Tag and URL. Once selected, all of the contest winners and qualifiers will be posted to Twitter and/or Facebook. Since contests are often recorded, the posting will be delayed for the period of time required to air the contest.

Collection Warning

If desired, we can run a collection warning report at anytime, or configure the Pickup module to automatically run the report each time the program is started. The collection warning report will list all prize winners that only have one week left to collect their prize.
Work Flow with CS Copy Management

OMT Carts

For iMediaTouch users, the cart inventory and playback processes in CS Copy Management supports the multiple cart categories used within iMediaTouch. This allows writers to select the category when writing the script and sending this information electronically to production for recording. Once recorded, the CS Copy Management player can be used to audition the cart and automatically attach it to the clients e-mail.

When used with dbPowerAmp, the MTS file will be converted to an e-mail or broadcast quality MP3 file before attaching the file to the clients e-mail.

Script Viewer

The script viewer has been updated to show copy from both CS Copy Management and Center Stage Live. If authorized, the same audio playback is available for the script viewer as available to the copy writers.

CSScheduler Links

The CS Copy Management's scripting module "CSWrite" will link directly into the Center Stage Live scheduler making it easier for copy writers to provide commercial copy for Data Casting and scheduling live tags for on-air staff.


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