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                                                   What's Included in Center Stage Live




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The Artist Experience from iBiquity is the process for posting pictures of HD Receivers. Artwork may include such items as the station logo, album art, or other artwork for programming, contests, talent photos, sponsor logos, etc. Station logos and artwork for scheduled events may be added using the Center Stage Live scheduler module CSScheduler. Album Art is copyrighted and will require a subscription to a service providing the album art with the necessary rights to use for HD Radio.


Arctic Palm has partnered with Tag Station/Next Radio and supports all Tag Station Functions including access to Album Art for use on HD Radio.


While Album Art can only be used on HD Radio, other artwork can be added to feeds for the station's web site, streaming player or other applications. Before configuring Center Stage Live to post this artwork, the station should ensure they have the necessary rights to use the artwork for the selected functions.




To schedule and post artwork to HD Radio requires CSRDS Version 8.6.1055 or higher and CSScheduler Version 8.6.118 or higher. The actual posting is handled by iBiquity's JMSAC version 2.0.2 or higher which is available from your HD Equipment manufacturer. For Album Art, a subscription to Tag Station/Next Radio. For information on a Tag Station subscription contact Tag Station at support@tagstation.com.


Art Work


The artwork size and format are critical to how the artwork looks on HD Receivers as well as the time required to transmit the artwork to the HD Receiver. Album Art from Tag Station has been sized for HD Radio and specifications for artwork are defined in the JMSAC documentation.




Depending on several factors including available bandwidth, number of HD channels and artwork file size the time required to get the artwork to the HD Receiver, can take several seconds. As such, artwork for short term events may not get to the receiver before the next event is played resulting in the station logo being used.


CSRDS Artist Experience via JMSAC 2.0.2 or higher


To configure CSRDS for the Artist Experience, we enter the IP and Port for the HD Imported, the IP to the computer running the JMSAC module, and the IP as defined in the JMSAC configuration and select JMSAC as the HD Format.

Using the CSScheduler, the station logo is assigned and we are ready to go. See the Artist Experience Manual for more information.


Artwork may also be assigned to specific events using CSScheduler. To assign Artwork in CSScheduler, set the Web Control option using the Center Stage Access Control option in the CSScheduler Tools menu.


Once configured, CSRDS will send the station logo to the HD System each time the program is started or when changes to the logo have been made. When a scheduled event with artwork is used, the artwork will be sent to the HD system. Note: short term events may not have the time required to send the artwork and the station logo will be used.

Album Art


To add album art to the now playing information, you will require a subscription to Tag Station/Next Radio. For more information on Tag Station please contact support@tagstation.com.


With a Tag Station subscription, all events received are sent to Tag Station which may return a campaign and a link to the artwork to be used for the event. The artwork is then downloaded and sent to the JMSAC module for processing. Where possible, CSRDS will look ahead and pre-stage artwork for the display.


Note: Since Tag Station information may override the data from the automation system and this process can take 300-900ms, stations doing commercial substitution may see a delay in the switch. Some streaming companies are aware of the additional processing time and can alter the metadata buffer to account for the delay.




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