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The Nov 2011 update has been posted and ready for download. To update your system, run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live with CSRDS

Song List/Playlist/Queue Sheet Editor


Several new features has been added to the Center Stage Playlist / Queue Sheet editor allowing for a more flexible run schedule and some additional functionality to ease the task of creating the Playlist. The new features include:

New Look with Hot Keys The look of the module has been modified to easier access and includes Hot keys for the most common functions. Once the list has been created, songs can be sent to the RDS Data Casting (CSRDS) process using F7 for the current event, F8 to send a selected event or F12 to send the next event,

Additional Data

Additional information can now be included in the feed to the RDS Data Casting process including an OutQue and comments.


iTunes Import

iTunes playlist can now be imported as a song list ready for use. Songs in the playlist will be added to the Center Stage Music Database as they are added to the song list.


Play List Clocks

To ease the playlist creation process, we can create any number of clocks defining the regular events such as News, Commercial breaks, or other events. Once set, the program will calculate the number and length of the music segments. If desired, the events may "float", that is be adjusted as segments are filled or "Locked" to a specific time.



Playlists can now be activated based on a scheduled time, or triggered to play based on an event in the Automation system. For Example, if the playlist is for a long play program on cart 1234 we can set the play list to start when cart 1234 is played in the automation system


Weekly Playlist

A playlist can be defined as a weekly playlist where a long play program is dated for one day but actually aired on another. For Example, the program may be dated for the week of and may be played on any date that week.


RDS Data Casting (CSRDS)



If desired, we may delay the metadata to cover any profanity delays.


Additional Automation



We have added support for the ENCO automation system as well as the Steve Harvey satellite feed.


Play List History Date Format

If desired, you may now format the playlist history date forma in the HTML feed using the common date formatting functions. MMMM for full month(September), MMM for short Month(Sep), MM for numeric month (09), DDDD for full day (Friday), DDD for short day (Fri) or DD for numeric day (01-31)


Burli News


CSWeather has been modified to monitor a specific Burli news directory and adding the Burli nes event to the RDS data Casting processes.



Repeat Broadcasting Options

Using the CSScheduler Radio Automation Simulation (RAS) scheduler we can now schedule the repeat broadcast for a recurring period. For Example, a live broadcast on Monday from 6am to 9am may be rebroadcast every Friday at 5pm.

We can also set the rebroadcast for a daily loop. For example the live broadcast from 6am to 9am is repeated at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. The rebroadcast can also be "triggered" and started based on an event in the automation system.


Audit File Import Should a day part be aired from an external source and the playlist was not available, the playlist can now be imported into that day part using an iTunes playlist.


CS Contest Management

Trivia question

In addition to creating trivia questions for specific contests, you may now create a generic trivia list of questions available for on-air staff as part of a contest or other non-contest event,



CS Call Management



For sites using our CS Call Management and CS Contest Management packages, the CSScreener module has been updated to provide more access to contest processes including the Prize Vault and Grand Prize processes Tax reporting and access to the trivia questions



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