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The September 2010 update has been posted and ready for download. To update your system run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the CS Update program will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live with CSRDS

Playlist Editor

The first of two new modules for Center Stage Live, the new playlist editor, CSLogIt allows staff to send metadata when playing music outside of the automation system such as CD's, Tapes, Mp3, etc. CSLogIt provides 3 processes for handling this metadata.


1. Immediate updates as it happens. Simply enter the metadata and send it to the RDS system when the song is played.


2. The host can setup a song list prior to the broadcast. As each song is played, click the list and the metadata goes to the RDS system.


3. We can also create a playlist, scheduling the times for each event. The Playlist editor assists the host in timing the segment and the special Set Time command keeps things on-track. If desired, the playlist can be imported from the Sonart automation systems log or from iTunes by exporting the Playlist as a text file.


One click and the RDS\RBDS encoder, Web Site, HD System and streams all of the right information. This can also be very useful for reporting what was played an when.





The second of the two new modules the Radio Automation Simulator CSRAS also provides 3 new functions.


1. CSRAS will monitor playlists from CSLogIt and the Sonart automation system, sending now playing data as scheduled.


2. If we are recording live segments for a later broadcast, CSRAS will re-send the metadata during the repeat broadcast. If CSRDS sent the metadata during the live broadcast CSRAS will resend the data during the repeat broadcast.


3. We can also configure CSRAS to delay sending metadata when delaying the audio for one or more time zones.


Configuration Backup

As CSRDS has grown to include sending metadata to a wide variety of devices and applications the configuration settings have also become more important. As such, we have added a configuration backup and restore procedure for CSRDS. Each time the configuration is saved CSRDS will save up to 3 revisions. Simply use the new Restore Backup procedure to return to a previous configuration.




CSRDS now supports the Radiomation and Sonart automation systems. Like most automation systems, Radiomation send events to CSRDS as they happen. Sonart does not provide an actual RDS feed but does provide a playlist which can be used by CSRAS to process metadata from Sonart.




CSScheduler can now be configured to control the period between when an item ends and it is removed from the main display. Using the new Past Events display, the events can be eliminated from the main display making it easier to monitor what is playing but can still be accessed if necessary.


We have also added sequencing commands to the Scheduler display. Simply click the column and the items will be displayed in ascending sequence, a second click and they are in descending sequence.




CSScheduler now has a RAS (Radio Automation Simulation) tab allowing you to re-scheduled metadata for a repeat broadcast. Once selected, enter the Station Date, start and end time of the original broadcast, then the Station, date and start time of the re-broadcast and Center Stage will do the rest. At the scheduled date and time, CSRAS will send the same items sent during the original broadcast and the new date and time.


Metadata Updating

As CSRDS is updating information to the various outputs it is also creating an entry in a playlist history file showing what and when something was played. This information is available for up to the minute user definable reporting or the data can be extracted and used in other applications or sent to Sound Exchange for report verification. If necessary, information can be corrected, new entries added or invalid entries deleted using the new Metadata Update in CSScheduler.

CS Contest Management

CS Contest



The On-Air module has been updated to include an "always on top" prompter, providing an user definable contest prompter to preview the contest and copy before going on-air.


We have also added a Recall Last winner option when adding the same listener to multiple contests or when qualifying for multiple entries.


Caller ID

The caller ID module has been updated to allow previous winner information to be filled in when the line is clicked. The module has also been updated to handle both the Lite and full versions of the Whozz calling Caller ID box.



CS Interactive

FTP Monitoring


Since some programming sites leave files on the FTP site long after the broadcast date, the FTP Sync monitor has been modified to ignore files that were posted more then 30 days prior to the current date. This will speed the monitoring process.


FTP Transfers


The FTP transfer log posted on the FTP site now contains more information about which site uploaded and downloaded files and when. This can make it easier and faster to track and monitor FTP transfers.



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