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Authenticated Remote Modules


If you are an existing authenticated remote user you may update to the latest version using the link following link to the module you are using. When notified by the authenticating site to update to the new version use the following link to update your software. To do this:

1. Verify where the software is installed by right clicking on the shortcut and checking the Target Line in the properties. This will display the location where the program is located on your system. For Example C:\Program Files\CSLogIt\CSLogIt.exe.

2. Make a backup copy of this file....Just in Case. To do this, using My Computer, browse to the file as shown in step 1. Once you have found the file, right click on the file and select Copy then browse to another directory and click Paste.

3. Download and install the new file using the appropriate link below. Be sure to exit the program and then click the link. When requested, Click Save and browse to the location shown in step 1. Click Yes to overwrite the existing file and close the download window when completed.

4. Start the program using the shortcut on the desktop or in the Start Menu. As a downloaded file, you may receive a security warning, if so, this can be eliminated by un-checking the "Always Ask" option for this program. If you did not get the program from this link, or are unsure of the module please check with the authenticating site for more information.


Remote Module Description Link
CSReporter Use this link if you are using CSReporter to send content to a hosting site for use in the on-air studio and/or the host's web site.
CSRemote Use this link if you are scheduling copy or using the SportsCaster form to send content to the  hosting site for use in the On-Air Studio, RDS\RBDS encoders, Web Site, HD Systems or Stream.
CSScreener Use this link if you are using the CSScreener module to connect to the host Telos system to screen or access callers.
CSLogIt Use this link if you are creating playlists for use in the hosting sites, RDS\RBDS Encoder, Web Site, HD System, or stream.



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