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For Immediate Release
April 23, 2009

Arctic Palm Technology Inc

Center Stage Live featuring CSRDS Wins Radio World "Cool Stuff" Award
LAS VEGAS - Center Stage Live with CSRDS developed by Arctic Palm Technology Inc is the recipient of the radio broadcast industry's most prestigious technology honor, the Radio World "Cool Stuff" Award, given by a panel of expert engineering judges at the 2009 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Radio World's "Cool Stuff" Award-winning products, announced by U.S. Editor in Chief Paul J. McLane, are selected each year by a panel of radio broadcast engineers as notable for their design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving radio broadcast users. The winners will be featured in Radio World, which is read by thousands of broadcast professionals in the United States, around the world and online.

Only a small number of products were chosen for the Radio World "Cool Stuff" Awards from among the hundreds, if not thousands, of new products on display at the convention.

Radio World
is the definitive information resource for radio managers and engineers, covering technology, industry news, management techniques, applications-oriented engineering, production articles and new product information. Radio World is published by NewBay Media LLC, the world's largest publisher of audio and video publications.

"Congratulations to Stu Buck and Arctic Palm for winning a Cool Award for some really cool software. The combination of iMediaTouch, Arctic Palm and Inovonics RDS at the NAB in full operation really impressed the trade show judges.

iMediaTouch has integrated with Arctic Palm for its RDS and Copy features since 2003 with tremendous success. Clients are really pleased to buy a product that dove tails with our iMediaTouch automation system as well as Arctic Palm does. Our customers also appreciate the new revenue Arctic Palm products generate in RDS and Websites using iMediaTouch XML outputs and making the system simply start paying for itself the minute it is switched on.

Keep up the good work Stu and we wish you continued success."

Ron Paley Founder and Senior Business Developer -iMediaTouch

The Center Stage Live package from Arctic Palm is best known for its handling of metadata. This package has the tools necessary to capture, format and display now playing and promotional messages on RDS\RBDS Encoders, HD Radio Systems, Web sites, on-line players or other devices such as digital signs. In addition to capturing events from one or more automation systems, Center Stage Live includes an advanced copy scheduling module for scheduling promotional messages by date, day of week and time of day or to be "triggered" by now playing events within the automation system.

"Center Stage Live adds incredible value to RDS content when paired with Inovonics' RDS Encoders", says Inovonics' COO/Sr. Engineer Ben Barber. "The listener's display, 'comes alive' with rich content including Station Branding, Artist, Song Title info and the 'Buy it now' features found in RT+."

(Go Green) The same scheduling processes used for CSRDS can also be used to schedule live copy to the on-air studio. This ensures the right copy is in the right place at the right time which can go a long way in reducing or eliminating the need for printed copy. The user definable copy window provides on-air staff with easy access to the latest up-to-date copy. For iMediaTouch users, live copy is available within the Op-Log computer and can even be included in the daily log for automatic pop-ups.

With the cost of paper, ink, printers, maintenance and the impact on the environment, the Center Stage Live Paperless Studio is a great way to Go Green and save money at the same time.

A major factor in any development is aligning with great partners and our association with some of the best in the business has been invaluable. Today, Center Stage Live works with many automation systems and RDS/RBDS encoders. Thanks to companies like Inovonics, iMediaTouch and Stream the World we have the detailed understanding needed to make systems work together.

Of course the real strength of all of our products comes from listening to those that use our products. The features and functionality of our Center Stage Live, CS Copy Management, CS Contest Management, CS Interactive and CS Call Management are all the result of listening to and acting on the comments, suggestions and requirements of those using our products. It is this kind of cooperation and support that has allowed us to build some really "Cool Stuff"!

As computer geeks that have been developing software for too many years to count, there can be no greater complement than to be recognized as "Cool Stuff" by such an organization as Radio World…this is truly an honor.

Be sure to check us out in the June 17th 2009 issue of Radio World and Thank You Radio World!!!



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