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Center Stage Live clients are familiar with the advanced scheduling features for sending promotional, information and commercial messages to the RDS\RBDS display, web site, Stream and HD system.  The ability to schedule the message to specific day parts or Trigger the message based on an event playing in the automation system.


Of course, we have always been able to use this same advanced scheduling process to send Live Copy to the on-air studio, but this process has now been extended to use the same Triggering process to display a live copy Prompter window when the event is played. On-air staff can always access the copy at anytime, but now the copy will automatically appear on either the on-air computer or the utility computer as the triggering event is played.


For CS Contest Management users, this process has been extended to our contesting package. When the voice track, song, intro or other contest trigger is played, the contest information is automatically displayed on the on-air or utility computer as required.


For OMT sites, live copy can be directed to the On-Air Op-Log computer providing instance access to live copy from your iMediaTouch System. Copy sent to OMT will be added to the affidavit file for live copy reconcilliation.


Using Center Stage Live, on-air staff can access active live copy, send "RDS" messages or Alerts to the RDS system and have the live copy prompter automatically open with the necessary copy when triggered by the automation system. Normally running on the utility computer, CSLive is the central location for live copy, fault reporting, contact list, etc.



Similar to CSLive, CSOMT provides on-air staff with access to live copy on the on-air computer. The smaller footprint and minimal overhead ensures there is no impact on other applications. The user definable prompter allows on-air staff to position and size the live copy window where it is most useful and out of the way for other applications.




For sites using both our Center Stage Live and CS Contest Management packages the same triggering processes used for live copy can be used to trigger a contest. When the contest event is played on-air, the contest copy window will appear with the contest information ready for the on-air talent.




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