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  Data Casting with Center Stage Live (CSL)

Data Casting is process of capturing metadata from a variety of sources then filtering, formatting and sending the text and images to a variety of devices and services including: RDS\RBDS Encoders, HD Radio, The Artist Experience, DTS Connected Radio, QUU, Web Sites, Streaming and Web services or other devices or services as required.

Metadata may be copy associated with the on-air event such as the song title, artist,album and an image associated with the song. A promotional messages promoting the station, host, a contest, station sponsored events, etc.. An information message such as the local weather forecast, news, sports ,traffic info or EAS alerts from the EAS receiver. Of course, it may also be a sponsors message as an additional revenue stream.


Supporting over 90 different input sources metadata is captured, filtered, reformatted and sent where it needs to go when it needs to be there.


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Scheduling: (CSScheduler) Scheduled informational, promotional or commercial campaigns and Images by station, date, time of day and day of week as a run of schedule campaign rotating with other scheduled information, linked to an on-air event as a companion message or set for specific dates, times and durations for pre-empted programming. Based on the schedule the message and associated artwork will be posted to the selected devices and services.

CSL Captures Images from a number of sources and will prioritise the image based on the source and schedule. Image priority is as follows:

1. Images assigned to scheduled informational, promotional or commercial messages in CSScheduler.

2. Images assigned in CSScheduler to an event ID for unmatched events or to override images from DTS Connected Radio or QUU.

3. Images provided by the  input source such as Content Depots MetaPub service

4. Album Art, Artist Images or campaign logo returned from QUU (requires QUU Subscription)

5. Artist Images return from DTS Connected Radio (requires DTS Connected Radio credentials)

6. Images linked to the event ID from a previous call to DTS Connected Radio or QUU

7. Scheduled Logo Images from CSScheduler Static/Logo Scheduler

8. Station Logo

Center Stage captures metadata from over 90 different sources including our own Center Stage Live applications as well as other Arctic Palm products. Of course the most common source is the stations own automation system or satellite service. Since there are no standards for how metadata is formatted or delivered CSL has a lot of options.


CSRDS is the actual data casting application that captures content from multiple sources, filters, cleanses and formats the data, adds images and posts to the selected output devices and services.  CSL also has some specialty applications for capturing data for use in conjunction with the automation, satellite and schedule content. These include:

Captures the local weather forecast from The National Weather Service in the US and Environment Canada in Canada, Now playing information from services such as NPR's Composer, word press, Burli Newsroom and various music services for current now playing data or play list (metadata Logs) from selected services. CSWeather is also the link to the stations SAGE or Gorman-Redlich EAS unit to post alerts as they are broadcast.

is used to post now playing information when not using an automation system providing the talent with three options. Now Playing information can be entered "on-the-fly" by entering the artist, title and duration, etc or selected from the CSLogIt music Library and posted to CSRDS, as a list of songs that might be played during the shift. Click "Play Now" when the song is aired to post the metadata. Songs can be selected from the CSLogit music library or from a play list such as iTunes or for long play pre-recorded programs the scheduled events can be added to a play list (metadata log) and linked to an audio file so when the long play audio file airs the playlist sends the individual elements based on the play list.

is an add-on for NPR stations using Content Depot MetaPub services. CSPRM is used to schedule the program, date, time and any time shifting info as required. Once scheduled CSPRM will post the now playing information based on the MetaPub content including the program or event logo. For the news talk programming the headline is treated as the title, the reporter is the artist and the program name is the album.

RDS\RBDS Encoders: Program Service Names (PS), Radio Text (RT 64-character message), Dynamic PS (DPS scrolling PS Text) are sent to the stations encoder for injection in the FM signal and displayed on RDS capable FM receivers.

DTS Connected Radio: Global Radio formats: FM, DAB+, and HD Radio®. Post now playing information as well as artwork such as station logos, free artist images, or station assigned artwork for programming/host, contests, concerts, advertiser logos or any other station images for a better listener experience. 
HD Radio: Broadcasting digitally over traditional radio waves, a single frequency is now capable of delivering up to four stations of content in crystal clear sound. All you do is tune in to your favourite station and your HD Radio receiver will automatically lock in to the HD1 signal for that station. One notch over on the dial and you’re listening to entirely new content on the HD2 station. Additionally the digital signal provides on-screen information such as: album art, song info, traffic and weather.
Web Sites: Post the current on-air event, informational, promotional or commercial content and images along with a play list history of recently played songs.
Streaming Services: Post the current on-air event, informational, promotional or commercial content and images to display in the listen live player.


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