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The October 2009 update has been posted and ready to update for Stations with an active support license. To update your system, run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the CS Update program will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in the this Release


Center Stage Live with CSRDS

Playlist Reporting with Sound Exchange Extract

CSRDS now has the option to capture and store all Music and Commercial information received from the Automation System. CSRDS will save the information as provided by the automation system and as entered into the Music Library System. The system will store events for 90 to 120 days which can be viewed, printed, or extracted based on user definable selection criteria.


The Extracts include a special Sound Exchange extract as defined in the Sound Exchange Document Docket No. RM 2005-2 v03 Section 4.2 Files Without Headers (Option 2).


In addition to the Sound Exchange format, the system provides an HTML/XML option and a Character Separated Value allowing the data to be imported into other database or spreadsheet applications.


Name Reversal

In some music systems the artist name is sent as lastname,firstname and does not show properly on the displays. To correct the display, CSRDS now has an option to reverse the name when a comma is present. For Example Brookes,Garth would show as Garth Brooks while The Rolling Stones would remain The Rolling Stones.

Automation Systems

CSRDS now supports the SMARTS automation system as well as Dial Global, Delilah, and ABC satellite formats.

Captured Event Viewer

The Captured Event Viewer has been expanded to include more received items allowing us to more closely monitor what is being received from the Automation System.

HTML Playlist

With more stations looking to add a playlist to their web site, we have added a more detailed HTML template allowing CSRDS to build the playlist from the Playlist reporting database. Each time a new song is started, the database is updated and the selected number of songs is added to the HTML file which can be sent to your web site. Sample PLay List The new PlayList.htm template will be included in the Center Stage Live install package and added to your Center Stage Live installation directory as part of the CSUpdater process.

Promo Between Songs

If promotional messages are supported by your streaming company, you may now send a promotional message between songs. When selected, CSRDS will send a promotional message approximately 15 seconds before the end of the song. Should another song start, the artist and title information replaces the promotional message. However, should a commercial or talk segment start, the promotional message is displayed and not the last song.

Additional external content options

Our CSReporter module is now included in Center Stage Live and provides remote content providers with a process for sending live copy directly to your on-air studio or web site. Ideal for School and Bus contractors to update your station with the latest in closing and delays.

Additional Weather forecast data from NWS

CSWeather now supports the 7-day weather forecast from The National Weather Service. Once the link to your local forecast has been entered, CSWeather will download the entire 7-day forecast for the on-air studio. Due to the size limitation of the RDS display, CSWeather will format the next two forecast for the RDS feeds.


CS Contest Management

Prompter Window

A new user definable Prompter window has been added to the on-air module making it easier for on-air staff to access the contest information. The "always-on-top" window can be sized and positioned with the font size of choice ready for the contest.

Language Support

All of the CS Contest Management windows can now be shown in English, Spanish or French. This is a user definable setting that can be changed at any time by selecting the language as required. Please note, this is the window setting only and any copy entered into the system will be displayed as entered.

Same Day Grand Prize Selection

If desired, you may now let the CS Contest Management module select a same day winner. Simply enter your contest with multiple plays and enter the qualifiers all day long. At the end of the day, your on-air announcer clicks the Select Winner command and CS Contest will randomly select an entry for the qualifiers.


CS Interactive

Remote FTP Monitoring

CS Interactive now updates each FTP site with the a log listing the CS Interactive ID information about the site and a list of all files uploaded, downloaded and deleted from the FTP site in the last 8 days. Once updated the associated FTP sites can use this information to verify when, where and what files were sent and received at each site.

WAV File Staging

For our Maestro users, CSMultiCut will now stage wav files for the Maestro import eliminating the errors caused when the import process starts before the file has completed the download.


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