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The November 2013 update has been posted and ready for download. To update your system, run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live

Data Casting with Center Stage Live
The Artist Experience

CSRDS now supports "pictures on HD Radio" via the Artist Experience from iBiquity. To configure your system for the Artist Experience you will need to download the JMSAC version 2.0.2 or higher available from your HD Equipment manufacturer. The Artist Experience document on the downloads page of our web site has the instructions to configure your version of CSRDS to post artwork to your HD system.


Station Logos and local artwork can be scheduled via CSScheduler but for album art you will need a subscription to Tag Stations/Next Radio. (see Tag Station Update)


Due to the time required to send artwork to HD receivers, when available, CSRDS will look for the next event and pre-stage the artwork. For systems that do not have next event metadata the album art may not show for several seconds into the event. Depending on the number of HD stations, band width, audio quality, etc artwork that cannot be pre-staged 60 seconds or more before the event may not appear on the receiver. However, if configured , local artwork may be sent to your web site or on-line player, due to copyright restrictions Album Art from Tag Station can only be used for HD Displays.


For more on Bandwidth calculations check the Bandwidth calculation included in the JMSAC documentation

Tag Station

Arctic Palm, Tag Station and iBiquity have worked together to introduce the Artist Experience and Album Art to create the best possible "listener" experience. During this process, Center Stage Live has been modified to capture Tag Station Campaign events, scheduled events and merge them with Center Stage Live events for posting to RDS\RBDS, HD Radio, Web Sites, Streams, Tunein.com, etc.


Once configured, CSRDS will send all metadata to tag station for processing and download any associated artwork and/or campaign messages. This information will then be posted to the various datacasting devices and services. For non-campaign events scheduled in Tag Station, the information will be merged with events scheduled in Center Stage and rotated into the display as required. For Example, show information scheduled in Tag Station may rotate with the local weather forecast scheduled in CSWeather and a Traffic messages from the new room.


For more information on Tag Station check www.tagstation.com.


CSScheduler has been modified to include artwork with scheduled events. For HD Radio stations this artwork will be posted via the Artist Experience process. (see pre-stage disclaimer). For station using or not using HD Radio, a link to this artwork can be posted to your web site or streaming player using the Template Merge code ***GRAPHIC***. See the Artist Experience documentation on the web site for configuring CSScheduler to post artwork. Simply upload the artwork to a folder on your web site and configure CSScheduler with the URL.

CSRDS Monitor

The CSRDS Display Simulator has been modified to display the artwork downloaded from Tag Station or scheduled in CSScheduler as each event is played. Please Note: The monitor is a local display and will display short duration  artwork even if it does not appear on the HD Receiver.

CS Call Screening
CSScreener CSScreener now supports the Telos VX phone system. This process will require VSET firmware or higher. When upgraded set the Screener IP on the VSET to the CSScreener computer. When configured, CSScreener will look and perform exactly the same as the VSET and actions may be controlled by CSScreener or the VSET.

To access the CS Contest for contesting and Center Stage Live for data casting, you will require a dual NIC to access both the stations network and the live wire network.

The CSScreener windows and control buttons have been sized to allow for Touch Screen monitors.


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