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                                                   What's Included in Center Stage Live





 Live Copy



We are seeing metadata on more and more devices. Now playing as well as information, promotional and COMMERCIAL messages are showing on everything from FM and HD/DAB receivers in cars and homes to cell phones, tablets, computers, web sites and even digital billboards.

To provide our Network Clients with the greatest potential, we have enhanced our advanced Remote CSScheduler to incorporate local station demographics. Designed for Radio Networks, CSNetScheduler is used to schedule metadata copy to selected stations based on the station's demographic information.

Using CSNetScheduler, the data casting messages are scheduled to stations reaching the target market. The schedules are uploaded to a central site and automatically downloaded to the target stations running our Center Stage Live (CSRDS) Software. 

The content will be added to the Data casting devices, logged and verified, creating an “As Run” audit file that will be uploaded each night.  The Downloads, message insertion, logging and uploads are automatic and do not require any manual intervention at the local level.



Once CSNetLink is installed at the local station(s) and the station and demographics information has been entered at the host site, the metadata messages are scheduled at the host site. Schedules are "Run-Of-Station" content that, depending on the Network policies, will be inserted into the RDS\RBDS, HD, Web, Stream, and/or Web services.


Metadata is scheduled by station demographics, date, time of day and day of week. When all Schedules have been entered, the host site uploads the schedules to their FTP site ready for the local station.


At the local station, the CSNetLink module monitors the FTP site and will download the schedules for the local stations matching the schedule criteria. The messages are automatically inserted into the Center Stage Live data casting system. As messages are posted to the data casting services, they will be logged into the station's daily "as run" file. If the optional Inovonics 633 or 632 are used, the entry will be marked as a "verified" broadcast.


Between Midnight and 4pm the "as run" file from the previous day will be uploaded to the FTP site where the CSNetLink module at the host site will automatically download the file ready for affidavits.


Once installed and configured, there are no processes required at the local station. The process does not connect to or impact the on-air system in any way.




Center Stage Live with our CSNetLink module for downloading schedule and uploading as run files.




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