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Once the now playing information has been captured it is available for use in a variety of applications in Center Stage Live. Using the user definable Metadata reporting features, the data can be exported for use in other applications including a special Sound Exchange report as defined in the Sound Exchange document Docket: RM 2005-2 v03 under Option 4.2 Files Without Headers.

Use the Radio Automation Simulator (RAS) tab in CSScheduler we can schedule this information to be resent for a repeat broadcast. We simply enter the date, on and off time of the original broadcast then the date and start time of the repeat broadcast and CSRDS will resend the music information from the history data while using the schedule promotional message scheduled for the repeat broadcast.


This process can also be used to delay sending metadata when broadcasting in multiple time zones where the broadcast is the same local time. While the audio is captured and delayed for the necessary time zone, the metadata will be sent from the playlist file based on the same delay period.


User Definable reporting

Use the Metadata report command in CSScheduler to access the Metadata reporting window we enter the station, from and to dates and select the information we would like to include in the report and create the report. If desired we can include special options such as on and off times, or select one or more events allowing us to report on specific songs or artists.

To export the information for use in other applications, simply click the export command enter select the export criteria.


** Please note: While Center Stage will capture and store details on each event, not all automation systems provide that level of detail. As such CSRDS will store as much information as possible based in the data from the automation system.


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