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The January 2011 update has been posted and ready for download. To update your system, run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Supplementary Update:

As more stations find the power of our CSRDS module we are constantly updating the software to support more Radio Automation Systems, Satellite Services, Streaming Sites and RDS\RBDS Encoders. Due to demand, we have released a follow-up update to our January release supporting additional Automation Systems BSI/OPX ,Wide Orbit, the Citadel Satellite service and the PIRA32 RDS encoder.


This supplementary Release also supports the new Alerts links to the National Weather Service. The National Weather Service currently has these pages in beta which this update will support. To access these warnings:


1. Start your internet browser and go to http://www.weather.gov

2. From the Left Menu area click By State/County under the Warnings Section

3. Scroll down the page to find your State and Click Zone List

4. Click on your Zone

5. Copy the URL exactly as shown in the browser URL to the Path/URL in the CSWeather Properties


In addition to the additional services we also added a template editor within the CSRDS module to make it easier to modify a template and verify the output created using the template.



Center Stage Live with CSRDS

Live Copy  Pop-Ups


Using the same triggering processes used for RDS/RBDS messages, we can now trigger live copy pop-ups in the on-air studio based on an event in the automation system. Simply enter the copy along with the the audio file id (Cart Number), artist, song title, sponsor's name, etc. into CSScheduler and when that event is played the prompter will automatically pop-up in the on-air studio, ready for a live read. The prompter can resized and positioned as required and the copy will be date stamped and available for reporting.




The playlist history retention period is now user definable and you may keep the playlist as long as necessary. The system will default to 3 months but this can be changed using the CSRDS configuration settings.


Multiple Automation

File Monitoring

When capturing now playing information from an OMT or Dalet automation system file, we may now configure a single instance of CSRDS to monitor multiple files at the same time. Using the CSRDS configuration settings, we tell CSRDS which files to monitor. Once entered, CSRDS will capture now playing information from all of the selected files. Ideal for stations using multiple automation systems at different times or for different events.




Additional error trapping and handling procedures have been added to CSRDS to minimize issues with FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, and HTTPS issues.



Improved Alert scheduling has been added to on-air studios via CSLive and Alerts can now be blocked from Streaming sites. If desired, the Weather Alert Pop-Up can be blocked from the On-Air Studio.




Song List



CSRDS will now monitor manual entries from the Playlist Editor in the same instance used for the live automation system. Ideal for stations using non-automation devices (CD's, Tapes, MP3's) in addition to the automation system. Simply enter the metadata and send it to CSRDS as if it had been played within the automation system. (See Playlist Editor)


The CSLogIt playlist editor now support a user login allowing each announcer to create their own playlist from the "lounge" and open it in the on-air studio.




Where supplied by the automation system, a new tag has been added to the Stream The World metadata feed to trigger Server Side Recording. Please contact support@arcticpalm.com for the updated template.


Automation System Updates

Support has been added for DJPRO, JELLI automation systems, the XML format for Dalet and Nights with Alice Cooper satellite systems.



 RT+ Tagging


Working with the encoder manufactures RT+ tagging has been improved for the Audemat FMB80 and 2WCOM encoders and now support all current versions of the iPod RT+ tagging software.


RDS Viewer

The RDS\RBDS viewer has been updated to include a "Navigation system" style showing more information on the display. In addition to the Radio Text, PD and Dynamic PS, the viewer now displays the PI, PTY and separate Artist, Title and Album fields. Using the Mode command you can switch between views as required.


CSScheduler Upgrades

CSScheduler has been upgraded to include the following:


1. A metadata editor allowing you to update the playlist metadata as required.


2. Now allows a trigger for a non-RDS event causing the copy to automatically pop-up in the on-air studio as the event is played in the automation system.


3. A "Check for Updates" command has been added to the tools menu allowing you to check for the latest Center Stage Live updates.


4. CSScheduler events can now be sequenced by Station, Reference, Client, Start Date or End Date. Click the column header for the desired sequence.


5. There is now a user definable setting to control how log events are shown in the copy lists after the end date. This will minimize the unnecessary items in the display. Access to older events can be done using the various File commands.




Port Forwarding

Two new features have been added to the CSLink module.


1. For OMT systems, CSLink will now send a command based on an event in the automation system. Based on the Category and duration we can schedule a command to be sent on start and if desired, a second command to be sent at the end of the event.


2. CSLink captures can now be scheduled. Where we need to capture and send data for specific day parts we can now create the schedule and CSLink will ignore all events outside of the scheduled period.


CS Contest Management

CS Contest



We have added an additional contest view, allowing on-air staff to check contests for future dates as of the current date and time.


Caller ID

If desired, the caller ID pop-up can now be blocked so that it does not appear when the CallerID window is minimized.




Now includes a collection warning report listing all winners that have not collected their prize and they have 7 days or less to pickup the prize. They are listed in collection date sequence with those ending tomorrow first and those with a week left are at the end. If desired, we can set an option to run the report each time the CSPickup module is started.


CS Call Management



Upgraded interface for Talent/Producer mode procedures.



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