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CS Copy Management is a software suite comprised of several modules designed specifically for the department that will be using the module. As a design philosophy this allows us to customize the module for individual departments without affecting other users. Each department gets a module with their needs in mind and not cluttered with windows, menus and commands they do not need or would ever use.



Designed For

Basic Function


Copy Writing


Copy Writers

Specialized Word Processor for writing scripts

This is the actual copy writing module used by copy writers to create, maintain client and script copy for any type of recorded material. When used with Center Stage Live, this copy can also be sent to on-air studios for a live read.




Produce scripts written in Copy Writing Module

This module is used by the Production department to produce the copy written in the copy writing module. It captures copy from the copy writing module and maintains a list of all scripts that need to be produced and includes multiple prompter formats for easy recording.

Where the control room and record booth are separate, a video splitter is used for the record booth.

Media Player


Copy Writers


Play audio files for produced scripts

The media player module is configured to see the completed audio file and links script copy to the completed audio file allowing the Copy Writer to preview the audio file from their CS Copy computer. Accessible from the CS Copy modules Toolbar. When used with a Licensed copy of DBPowerAmp, the copy writer can convert the file to an MP3 file in either Broadcast or E-Mail quality. When configured, the copy writing module will give the copy writer the option of attaching the audio to the script e-mail to the client.

Co-Op Confirmations




Print Co-Op confirmation statements

Sites using CBSI, JDS Columbine or Wide Orbit have the option to export the affidavit information to the CS Copy Management system where this module is used to create Co-Op affidavits. The import captures ALL affidavit information and may be used to create a Co-Op statement days, weeks or months after the fact, even if the original script was not marked for Co-OP.

Cart Inventory


Copy Writers


Maintain cart inventory

The cart inventory module is used to maintain the cart assignments and is accessible from the copy writing modules menu options. If used, copy writers can assign cart numbers as scripts are written ensuring the cart id and script copy match. This module also has several cart reporting features allowing users to see what is available and who has what cart.

File Maintenance


Copy Writers


Maintain Script Files

This module allows the user to maintain the script files including mass purging of old scripts, moving scripts between clients or clients between writers. Specialized backup routines provide the ability to restore the entire system to a single script.

Script Search


Copy Writers

Find scripts based on words or phrases

This module is used to search for scripts containing selected words or phrases and is accessible from the CS Copy module. Ideal for finding a specific script where the client or writer is not known or to get ideas for other scripts.

Script Viewer


Sales Reps

Script Viewer with no update

This module can be added to any workstation providing the user with the ability to view, print or e-mail scripts but does not have any updating capabilities. Normally given to Sales Reps to view their client's scripts without bothering the copy writers.

Script Reporting


Copy Writers


User definable script listings

This module is available from the Copy writing module and is used to create summary reports of scripts by station, client, writer, etc showing when scripts were written and produced.

Software Registration


As Required

Register or upgrade the software license

Initially the installation starts as a trial version and will run for 30-days. when purchased the CSScheduler module will start CSRegister to license the software.

Software Updates


System Admin

Update Contest Software to latest release

As part of our annual support license, all upgrades are included in the support fees. The software can be updated at any time using the CSUpdate module. When run, the program will verify your support status and if updates are available, the module will backup your existing software then download and install the new versions.



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