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The Center Stage Live package got its start as a live copy scheduler designed to eliminate copy books in the on-air studio.  With electronic access to this copy we not only save the printing and the “sneaker net” costs, but all copy is automatically kept up to date for even greater efficiencies.  In addition to scheduled copy we can also capture copy from listeners via web forms and electronically maintain our “Fault Reports” using the various Center Stage Live modules.


The following is a brief summary of the key modules included in the Center Stage Live package. For a complete list of all the Center Stage Live modules click the Modules Icon.


CSScheduler is used to schedule messages to the RDS System, live copy to the on-air studio or for posting on your web site. There are no licensing restrictions on this module and it can be installed on any computer within the station. There is also a remote version of CSScheduler that can be installed on external computers and once authenticated, can be used to create and schedule copy from remote locations.



The CSScheduler Social Media Song List and Extended Data Content (EDC) are use to schedule which songs, promotional, informational or commercial events are to be posted on your Social Media sites along with ay Hash Tag or URL links.


The Social Media Song List has the option to send all songs, use the artist name as the Hash Tag and a URL link. The Song list will also schedule specific artist and/or songs to be sent along with special Hash Tags or URL links. Since CSRDS will post to two Social Media configurations we can post all songs to our Play List site while highlighted artists or songs, contest winners/qualifiers, informational and promotional messages can be posted to a second site.


The EDC Option is used to send scheduled informational, promotional and commercial messages to Social Media Sites as well as to all other  Data Casting services including RDS\RBDS, HD Radio, Web Site, Streaming Players. Since RDS messages are limited to 64 characters the EDC option accepts 2 messages. The shorter RDS message and a 140 character message for Social Media. If desired we can also add additional URL links for use on the web site or streaming player. These include a links to a Logo file, alternate media file (audio or Video), and an artwork file.


Key Features:

  • Copy can be scheduled by station, date, day of week and time of day.

  • Copy only appears during the scheduled period.

  • Web copy can include a graphic, audio file, URL and specify which web page the copy is for.

  • DataCasting and Live copy Triggered Events to be used based on an event in the Automation System

  • DataCasting and Live Copy Timed events to be used at a specific time of day and day of week

  • User Password protection for announcers Show Prep

  • Admin Password for configuration settings

  • Copy formatting (bold, underline, colors, italic, fonts and font sizes)

  • Centralized storage ensures all copy is up-to-date regardless of access point.

  • If desired, daily schedules can be printed or e-mailed to selected staff.

  • Audit Reports for Logged features and "Triggered" RDS Messages

  • Voice Tracking Prompter

  • User definable categories for easy access

  • Access to other features (Fault Reporting, Listener Mail, Song Requests, etc)

  • Access to CS Contest Management with winner messages to RDS system.


On-Air Copy Access

Scheduled copy can be accessed in the on-air studio using the CSLive or CSOMT modules.


Typically, the CSLive module runs on the “internet” computer while CSOMT is designed to work with the Media Touch Op-log computer. Both modules provide on-air staff with access to all active copy with either the user definable prompter or individual pop-up prompters. Prior to the live break, the announcer simply selects and sequences the copy to use in the segment.  When ready, the copy is available in the prompter style of choice.


Key Features

  • All copy is up to date with the latest information

  • Update copy to other studios or add promotional messages to the RDS System

  • User definable categories

  • Password protected Show Prep scheduling

  • Multiple prompter formats for easy reading

  • Access to other features (Listener messages, song requests)

  • If desired, on-line Fault reporting with station wide pop-up warnings.



Fault Reporting

The fault reporting modules allow on-air staff or others to record an issue as it occurs. As soon as the item is recorded, selected workstations will be notified of the error and a single click opens the viewer with the error. If desired, the information can be automatically e-mailed to off-site support for action. Once notified, the appropriate action can be taken and recorded in the system. Since the information is reported as it happens we can often correct the problem before it becomes a serious issue. For example, The On-air staff enters a cart problem into the Fault system. Within seconds Production, Traffic, Promotions, Engineering, etc are notified of the issue and can make the necessary corrections in time for the next break eliminating the need for a make good.






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