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Center Stage Live copy can now be directed to your iMediaTouch Op-Log computer. Tags, Liners, Billboards, Contest copy automatically appears in the Op-Log alert window. Once posted, the live copy event is added to the affidavit file for live copy reconciliation.

Paperless Copy


CSLive is the on-air staff's centralized access to up to the minute information from all authorized departments. Using the advanced scheduling processes in CSScheduler, PD's, Promotions, Sales, Creative, and even Reception can schedule live copy for the on-air staff. Once posted, current information is immediately available to on-air staff or anyone requiring access to this information.


In the on-air studio, the user definable prompters allow on-air staff to preselect and organize copy for the next break in the style they prefer for on-air use. The latest copy in the sequence to the used is displayed in the window size and position preferred by for the on-air talent displays the copy in the font, size, style, colors are also in the preferred formats providing the talent with the information in the form that works best for them.


For iMediaTouch users, the CSOMT module running on the Op-Log computer provide on-air staff with the same up to the minute information right from the on-air computer and can "pop-up" selected copy based on the iMediaTouch log. Copy can also be triggered causing a pop-up copy window to be displayed based on an event in the automation system.


Simple, easy to use and best of all, Paperless access to the correct copy and the right time eliminating the need to print and deliver copy to multiple locations ensuring old versions are eliminated while new versions are added. Save time, Paper and printing cost while ensuring instant access to the most up to date information.


"Triggered" Copy Windows

Using the CSScheduler module, we can now specify an automation system trigger that will automatically pop-up one or more copy windows when the event is played in the automation system.

All copy windows can be sized and positioned for easy access. As always, the copy can be posted and date stamped available for audit reporting and billings.


Electronic Fault Reporting

In addition to providing on-air staff with the latest copy, Center Stage Lives' CSFault module allows on-air staff to electronically record and notify key staff about any problems with commercial audio files, hardware, software, equipment issues or any of the things that can go wrong. A single click opens the Fault Reporting window with pre-defined selections to simplify and standardize the fault reporting process. Once posted, all key staff receive a "Pop-UP" notifying them of the problem for immediate action. Once corrected, the details on the correction can be recorded and date stamped for use in the on-line displays or user definable reporting. ideal for commercial issues where fast action can eliminate the need for costly make goods.


RDS Texting


If desired, on-air staff can be authorized to post updates to the RDS system for use in the RDS\RBDS display, HD System, Web Site and/or Stream. Ideal for contests, interviews or any special messages about what's happening in the studio and on-air. When severe weather, traffic or other key news events occur on-air staff can schedule an RDS Alert message blocking all other RDS messages for the scheduled alert period.


Center Stage Access


Center Stage Live also links directly to other Center Stage Live packages such as our CS Contest Management where a single click automatically links to the contest data entry window. Writers using CS Copy Management can also send copy from the script writing package directly to the on-air studio. Ideal for live commercial copy such as tags and billboards.






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