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Center Stage Live is software suite comprised of several modules providing various departments with the tools to create, schedule and send information to various systems and devices. Schedule promotional, informational or commercial messages in the RDS Data Casting system, live copy in the on-air studio for a paperless studio replacing hard copy books for Promos, PSA's, Tags, etc, content to the web site or use the Fault Reporting modules to record and notify staff of issues as they occur.  Regardless of which process you wish to use, Center Stage Live has the tools to make it possible.


For full functionality the software should be installed on a Local Area Network or a sharable drive in a peer to peer network. Once installed provide the individual users with the necessary rights and the they can update copy right from their desktop. Since Center Stage Live is licensed by station the individual modules can be installed and run from any number workstations at the installation site without any additional cost. The package also includes some remote modules that as a licensed site you are free to distribute to your content providers.


Here is what's included at no additional cost

Modules Designed For Basic Use Description

Copy Scheduler


Promotions, Creative, Programming

Schedule Copy for on air Studios, RDS system and Web Site

This module is used to schedule copy by station, date, day of week and time of day for a live read in the on-air studio, updates to your web site or to the RDS system where items can also be "triggered" by events in the Automation System. Copy scheduled to the RDS System can be directed to any combination of RDS\RBDS Encoder, HD/HD2/HD3 systems, On-Line Stream, Web Site or as an output file for other applications.

RDS System


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

Capture Now Playing information for

RDS/HD Radio/Web Site/ Stream/ Other applications

This module runs 24x7 capturing events from your automation system, scheduled copy from other Center Stage applications (Scheduler, Weather, Live, Contesting and Call Screening) and other applications. The information is then formatted and sent to the various output devices and systems. The advanced RDS controller allows each station to define what goes where and when. For Example, Music and Promotional message to the RDS display, Music only to the Web, Music and Commercials to the stream.

Error Restart


Automatically started as required

Use to correct specific IP and/or FTP errors

The Center Stage Live modules that send or receive data via an IP or FTP connection include multiple error trapping routines and will make a best attempt to recover from these errors. In some cases it is necessary to exit and restart the program to recover from the error. The CSRestart module is used for this purposes. The program will issue a command to CSRestart and then close all windows and exit the program. At the time specified, CSRestart will start the calling program.

Weather Download


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

Download web content for use in On-Air Studio, RDS System

This module monitors The National Weather Service for local weather information and alerts in the US and Environment Canada for local weather forecast for Canadian cities. Once captured, the information is available in the on-air studio for a live read and the special formatting routines convert the forecast to a 64 character message for use in the RDS system.

In addition to weather, this module will also capture now playing information from your Neilson BDS feed on your web site. Ideal for day parts where metadata in not available. This module will also download, format and re-send information from the remote content module CSReporter. This module can be customized for other web downloads with rates based on time and materials.


** Note, CSWeather is capturing information from third party sites based on the format at the time of release. This information is subject to change without notice which may make the information unavailable.  Information provided by the third party is the responsibility of the provides and Arctic Palm is not responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the information provided.

RDS Viewer


Engineer, Programming, Promotions

RDS Monitor

This is a small module that will monitor messages as they are sent to the RDS\RBDS encoder and can be used to monitor what is being sent without going to the RDS computer.

Playlist Editor


On-Air Talent

Add metadata when playing songs outside of the automation system (CD's, Tapes, MP3's,etc)

CSLogit allows staff to enter the metadata for music played outside of the automation system. Once entered, the metadata is stored in a mini-library eliminating the need to re-enter the data. CSlogIt can be used On-The-Fly as songs are played, to create a song list of songs that may be used by a specific host and simply selected is and when the song is aired or as a Playlist to create a metadata log to send metadata for pre-recorded programs.

Radio Automation Simulator


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

Sends Metadata to CSRDS based on a metadata log

CSRAS monitors the Metadata log directory for metadata logs scheduled for the current date. When found, the logs are loaded into the program based in the scheduled time. CSRAS will then send the metadata to CSRDS based in the time specified in the metadata log.

Multiple Encoder Update


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

Sends Encoder commands to multiple encoders

CSMultiPort is used to enter a list of IP's for RDS\RBDS encoders that are to receive the same commands. Once set, CSRDS send commands to the first encoder and CSMultiPort sends the same commands to all encoders in the list.

**Note: If required, both CSRDS and CSMultiPort can set the TTL (Time To Live) for multicast IP addresses by creating a text file with 0,3,xxx where xxx is the TTL setting. The file MUST be in the Center Stage Installation directory and called xxxx.TTL where xxxx is the PS as defined in the Encoder Tab of CSRDS.

Output Converter


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

IP/Serial/File converter with Port Forwarding

CSLink is the Center Stage Live software format/data converter and port forwarding module. CSLink will capture data from a serial port, TCP/IP, UDP connection or from a disk file. This information will then be sent via serial, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS to another device or system. If desired, the program can be scheduled to run at specific times and/or based on some criteria, send a specified command to another device.

On-Air Copy


On-Air Studios

Live Copy Prompter

This module is run in the on-air studio and provides the on-air talent with electronic access to all of the live copy replacing the live copy books for PSA's, Liners, Tags, etc). Since the copy is scheduled to the specific station, date and time, the correct copy is available when needed. There are multiple user definable prompters and live breaks can be pre-staged so the copy appears in the proper sequence.

If desired, this module can also be used to schedule short term messages to the RDS system. For Example: Next Hour Axel Rose Live in the Studio

This module also links into other modules for Song Requests, Listener messages (promos, Swap-Shop) and the on-line Fault reporting system.

OMT Prompter


On-Air Studios

Live Copy Link to iMediaTouch

This module runs in conjunction with the iMediaTouch Op-Log system and is used to access live copy on the Op-Log computer. The on-air staff can access copy as desired or the items can be triggered to appear based on log notes in the daily log.

Live Copy Prompter


On-Air Studios

Live Copy Prompter

CSPopUp is the live copy prompter used by CSLive and CSOMT to display multiple events at the same time. Each instance of the prompter can be sized and placed on the screen as required.

Show Prep


Programming, On-Air Staff

Live Break copy scheduling

If desired, live breaks can be pre-programmed with the live copy to be used in each break. The date of the broadcast is selected and we select any copy scheduled for the station, date and time in the sequence we wish to use the copy. Once scheduled, the data will be accessible from the On-Air copy module or directly in the Show Preparation module.

Fault Reporting


On-Air Studios, Promotions, Production, Creative, Engineering, Management

On-Line Fault Reporting

The on-line fault reporting module provides on-air staff or others to quickly and easily report any issues. Once entered, selected users are notified of the issue by a Fault Pop-UP or E-Mail. User definable defaults helps minimize the data entry process and ensures consistent reporting.

The module also has a fault viewer providing access to the Fault reporting database for reporting and for problem resolution. Once a problem has been identified, the individual resolving the issue can record what was done to correct the problem and when. Once entered, this information is available to all users allowing them to verify what and when the problem was corrected.

Fault Pop-Up


Anyone requiring notification of problem reports

Fault Notification

This module monitors the system for items entered into the fault database. Once entered, the program displays a small flashing pop-up notifying the user of a new item.

Song Request


Programming On-Air Studios

Song Request from Web Site

The song request module scans the active e-mail account for song requests entered in a web form on the station's web site. Depending on the station policy, the request can be "screened" or accessed directly from the on-air studio.

Listener Messages


Reception, Programming, On-Air studio

Listener Copy from Web Site

(PSA, Swap Shop, etc)

This module will also monitor the active e-mail account for entries entered using a web form on the station's web site. Again, depending on the station's policy, this information can be "Screened" or accessed directly in the on-air studio. Valid items can then be directed to the on-air studio for a live read or to the station's web site.

For Example, Community groups can use the web form to enter their Public Service Announcement which will be screened at the station. If the content is appropriate for the station, the PSA will be in the on-air studio for a live read and/or added to the Station's Community web page.

Media Player


On-Air Studios, Promotion, Programming

Preview Audio files

This is our media player module used by various modules or on it's own to preview audio files. Built on Microsoft's Media player, the user can preview an audio file or the on-air studio can direct it for on-air play. When used with a licensed copy of DBPowerAmp, the module can also be used to convert audio to MP3 files with user definable Broadcast or E-Mail quality levels.

Software Registration


As Required

Register or upgrade the software license

Initially the installation starts as a trial version and will run for 30-days. when purchased the CSScheduler module will start CSRegister to license the software.

Live Updater


System Administrator

Update Software to latest release

As part of our annual support license, all upgrades are included in the support fees. The software can be updated at anytime using the CSUpdate module. When run, the program will verify your support status and if updates are available, this module will backup your existing software, then download and install the new versions.

In addition to on-site copy scheduling and web download loads, Center Stage Live includes some special modules allowing individuals and content providers to feed copy into the Center Stage Live system. This data is controlled by encrypted authentication files provided to the remote site which will restrict access to specific areas and for a specified time period. Remote access is processed using the following modules.

Remote Posting


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

Copy download and uploads

This module scans the remote FTP site and downloads any items from the remote modules. Once downloaded, the data is authenticated and if valid,  added to the Center Stage Live system for use in the various outputs. The module will then scan all scheduled items adding any active data to an XML file which is updated to the station's web site for use on various web pages. The program will also upload any graphics or media files associated with the scheduled event and remove all items that are no longer in use.

CSPlayList Monitor


Engineer running 24x7 on an unattended PC

Monitors FTP site for Playlists and Audio files

This module scans a specified FTP site looking for metadata logs and audio files uploaded from the remote Play List Editor. Audio files are downloaded to the specified audio directory while the metadata loges are downloaded to the specified location for CSRAS.

Remote Scheduler


Promotions, Programming, Creative requiring remote data entry

Remote Copy Scheduler

The module is the same as the Copy Scheduler (CSScheduler) and runs on a remote computer not connected to the Center Stage Live system. Items are scheduled the same as the local version and when completed, the user will connect to the internet and issue a Send To Host command. This software is available for downloading from our site but will require an authentication file from the Posting module in order to function.

Remote Content


School and Bus companies, station staff

School and Bus delays and closings

This module is used to create copy for use in the on-air studio, web site or other applications such as a television "crawl". The reporter groupings make it ideal for school and bus delays/closings where a few clicks sends all closings to the station and via e-mail notification for off-site staff.

Reporter Activation


System Administrator

Remote Content Authentication

This module is used to activate or deactivate a Remote Content client. Once activated, the data from that source will be verified against the activation data and either processed or rejected based on the result of the verification.

Remote Play List Editor


Contract Producers/Host

Create Metadata logs for packaged segments

Contract producers or hosts can use this module to create a metadata log for their pre-recorded programs or segments. When completed, the program can be used to upload the log along with the audio files to the stations FTP site. The CSPlayList monitor will watch for these files and once authenticated, the audio files will be downloaded to the import directory while the metadata logs will be downloaded for use in CSRAS.


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