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CS Interactive is a software suite comprised of several modules designed specifically for the required transfer. As a design philosophy this allows us to customize the module specifically for the task at hand without affecting other transfers.

CS Interactive is a site license and all of the modules can be added to as many workstations as required with no additional costs.

The package includes all of the following modules:



Primary Function


File Monitor


Copy new or changed files to another directory

If desired, we can run multiple instances of this module each monitoring a different directory looking for new or changed files based on a file mask. When an updated file is found, it can be copied to one or more directories for further processing. This may be an FTP directory, a staging directory or a simple backup directory.

FTP Transfer


Upload and download files to and from an FTP Site

If desired, we can run multiple instances of this module each updating a different FTP site. The FTP transfer module monitors one or more directories for files. When a file is found, it is uploaded to the FTP site and deleted from the transfer directory. It will then check the FTP site and download any files addressed to this site.

For CS Copy Management clients, this module will transfer scripts from the copy writer to a remote production studio and return the completed audio file.

FTP Monitor


Downloads new or changed files

If you are downloading programming from an FTP site, this module will monitor the site and automatically download a new or changed file to a local directory for processing.

FTP Explorer


Manual access to FTP sites

This module is used if we need to manually upload, download or monitor an FTP site.

Maestro Import


Stages files for importing into Maestro Automation Systems

This module is designed specifically for exporting and importing audio files from and to Maestro sites. Since the Maestro importing processes are looking for specific files and may have issues importing files that have not been completely downloaded or have multiple cuts, CSMultiCut ensures the Maestro importing routines see the files in the proper sequence for importing into the cart inventory.

Administration Monitor


Monitor all file transfers

This module can be used to monitor the file transfers from the desktop.

Manual File Search


Search for new or modified files

This module will accept date and time parameters and search the selected directories for any files that were created or changed in the period. If desired, all or selected files can be set for a re-transfer via the file monitor or FTP Transfer.



Register Software

Initially the installation starts as a trial version and will run for 30-days. when purchased the CSScheduler module will start CSRegister to license the software.

Software Updates


On-Line Software Updater

As part of our annual support license all upgrades are included in the support fees. The software can be updated at anytime using the CSUpdate module. When run, the program will verify your support status and if updates are available, the module will backup your existing software then download and install the new versions.



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