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Various Center Stage packages include remote versions for use outside of the station. This includes modules such as CSReporter, allowing schools, bus contractors, business, etc to create and send copy back to the station for use in the on-air studio or web site. CSRemote allows off-site staff to update live copy in the on-air studio, web site or RDS messages. CSScreener provides remote hosts and/or producers access to the Call Screening information in the Telos phone systems. The remote Playlist editor allows off-site producers to create and send playlist and audio segments back to the studio.


In order to ensure only authorized access to the system, each of the remote modules require an authentication file defining their access rights and duration. To create an authentication file for a remote user, we will use the authentication process for the module that will create an encrypted file with the necessary information and send that file to the client. Each authentication file contains a time limit in which it can be used as well as an expiration date that disables the program once the date is reached.


In most cases, the data is uploaded to an FTP site where a monitoring module at the station will watch for updates. When found, the authentication will be verified and if valid, the data will be downloaded and updated to the appropriate system. We recommend a special user and login be created for this purpose allowing the monitoring module to control the downloads.




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