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The May 2011 update has been posted and ready for download. To update your system, run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live with CSRDS

Live Copy  Prompter



Using the same triggering processes used for RDS/RBDS messages, we can now trigger live copy pop-ups in the on-air studio based on an event in the automation system. Simply enter the copy along with the **"trigger" (Cart, Artist/Client, Title) into CSScheduler and when that event is played the prompter will automatically pop-up in the on-air studio, ready for a live read. The prompter can resized and positioned as required and the copy will be date stamped and available for reporting.

** The trigger information MUST be available in the information sent from the Automation System.


Virtual News

Center Stage Live will now automatically download Virtual News items for Virtual News Subscribers. The news content will be downloaded in it's complete form and sent to the on-air studio where it will be available in he Live Copy Prompters. If desired, the item will also be added to the RDS displays. For more information on Virtual News check their web site at http://www.virtualnewscenter.com/





Event Rotation


With the introduction of Virtual News the number of downloaded items may alter the process in which promotional, informational and commercial messages are rotated in the RDS Data Casting system. Triggered and Timed events will continue to take priority based in the event trigger or time. However, if we have more than 3 downloaded items and 1 or more day part scheduled items we will alternate between scheduled events and downloaded events. That is, a scheduled event will be used, followed by a downloaded event than a scheduled event, etc. We will also ensure a scheduled event is the first event after a music segment.






Stations needing to update several encoders at the same time can now do so using the new CSMultiPort module included in the Center Stage Live Suite. Use CSMultiPort to create a list of the IP's for the encoders to be updated. Once set, CSRDS will update the first encoder and send the commands to CSMultiPort. When the command is received, CSMultiPort will send the same commands to each IP in the list.


Recurring Re-Broadcast


The Re-Broadcast scheduler has been updated to allow for recurring re-broadcast events. For Example if a program originally airs Thursdays 4-6pm and is rebroadcast Saturday Mornings at 11am we set the recurring option and the RDS processes will resend the metadata from the original broadcast for the repeat broadcast. You can also enter any number of promotional, informational, or commercial messages to use during the re-broadcast in non-music periods.


CSScheduler Live Updater


Always make sure you have the latest from Arctic Palm using our Live Updater. Stations on our support program receive free updates and can now access the updater using the CSScheduler module. Simply select Check For Updates from the Tools menu and follow the instructions. For stations not on our support plan, please contact our sales department at sales@arcticpalm.com for information on how to sign up or to receive your upgrade discount.



CS Contest Management

Interactive Tax Monitoring

CS Contest Management now includes an interactive Tax monitoring procedure tracking the value of prizes won for all individuals. When the taxable limit is reached and the tax forms have not been completed, the on-air staff will be notified allowing them to inform the listener of their tax status.

Reception will also be notified of the tax status and if the necessary forms are not on file, Reception can instruct the winner on completing the forms and marking their records as having the forms on file. Special Social Security Numbering reporting can be used to check the taxable status, at any time.

CS Contest



For stations using our Center Stage Live and CS Contest Management packages, you can now trigger the contest to play based on an event in the automation system. When entering the contest add the "trigger" and enter the contest information as normal. The trigger can be the audio id (Cart Number), artist/ client name or a song title as defined within the automation system. For non-music events such as Voice Tracks, Promos, Commercials, etc the artist and title data may contain the advertisers name (ABC Auto), the event title (News), or other information. Your producer can provide you with the necessary triggering information.



CS Contest Maintenance, now includes an Un-Delete feature should a contest and winners be inadvertently deleted. Even with the deletion confirmation, accidents do happen and the undelete feature makes it much easier to recover deleted entries. Simply click the Un-Delete command and select the deleted item to be restored and like magic....the contest and all winners are back.


CS Contest



When promotions add a trigger to a contest, the on-air module will monitor the output from the automation system provided by the Center Stage Lives CSRDS module. When the triggered event plays the module will automatically display the copy for this contest and active the contest in the data entry window,




The CS Contest on-air module has been streamlined allowing the module to run in conjunction with most automation systems. Like CSOMT the footprint and overhead are kept to a minimum ensuring the module does not impact other applications. The user definable format, position and sizing of the prompter window allows on-air staff to configure the prompter to appear where it is most useful. In addition to the prompter, there is an optional new look for the entry window which better matches the format of the automation system. Simply Select the RAS Blue option to set the new formats:

  Trivia Question Database. In addition to adding trivia questions to individual contests, we can now add a generic Trivia Question list available for use in all contests for the station.


CS Copy Management



For sites using our CS Copy Management and Center Stage Live, the CSWrite module has been updated to provide direct access to CSScheduler to schedule live copy to the on-air studio or commercial messages to the RDS system.



CSWrite now supports HTML formats for E-Mailing scripts to the client. Using you user defined HTML template, the client and script (Split View) is added to the template and presented for e-mail.




CS Call Management



For sites using our CS Call Management and CS Contest Management packages, the CSScreener module has been updated to provide more access to contest processes including the Prize Vault and Grand Prize processes.



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