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The April 2014 update has been posted and ready for download.  If you have an active support license run your CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater. For stations without an active support license contact your supplier or Arctic Palm Sales to activate your support license.


The Update Module will verify your support license, check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the latest updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live

Data Casting with Center Stage Live
Event Verification

Center Stage Live now closes the loop and will verify over the air broadcast for RDS\RBDS. The process utilizes the Inovonics 633 FM Decoder (Inovonics 633)This is actually an FM receiver with a USB/Serial cable returning the metadata to the computer running our CSRDS module.


As selected messages are posted to the RDS/RBDS the program will monitor the USB/Serial connection capturing the metadata that was received from the over the air broadcast. This information is compared to what was sent and the message is logged into a metadata “as run” log with a flag marking the event as verified or not-verified.


A special Metadata Verified report is available in the CSScheduler Metadata Reports function to view, print, or export the information for use in affidavits.


The Artist Experience

Version 9 includes several enhancements for processing and scheduling artwork for use on HD Displays. In addition to internal processes we have worked with several of our Automation System partners to provide the metadata as required for the Artist Experience.

Tag Station

Arctic Palm, Tag Station and iBiquity have worked together to introduce the Artist Experience and Album Art to create the best possible "listener" experience. During this process, Center Stage Live has been modified to capture Tag Station Campaign events, scheduled events and merge them with Center Stage Live events for posting to RDS\RBDS, HD Radio, Web Sites, Streams, Tunein.com, etc.


Support for an HTTP link to Tag Station has been added to this release. Should Tag Station modify it's protocol simply select the HTTP option in the Other Tab of CSRDS and you will be re-connected with Tag Station.


For more information on Tag Station check www.tagstation.com.


CSScheduler has been modified to produce Data Casting Verification reports based on the information received from the Inovonics 633 FM RDS Decoder and 632 HD Decoder. As described in the Event Verification process this report will show all of the scheduled entries marked for verification with a corresponding indicator noting the message was broadcast, received by the FM/HD decoder and returned to CSRDS as sent.

This report can be viewed, printed or exported for verification to advertisers for commercial messages posted to the Data Casting services.


The dollar sign is a special character in RDS displays and instead of the $ sign you may see the international symbol for money. For artist such as Ke$ha, songs like If I had a $1,000,000 Dollars and more on-air advertisers posting RDS messages with prices this can be an issue. As such, we have added 3 options in CSRDS. Stations can select to keep the $ display as is, so no change, use the RDS recommended code for the Dollar Sign (Hex 0xAB) or replace the dollar sign with a capital S.

CS Contest Management
Event Logging

We have added event logging to the CS Contest Maintenance Modules recording the date, time, the event processed, the computer and user that posted the event along with the winner and contest information processed. Should it be necessary to follow-up on an entry, a searchable Activity Log Report was added to the CS Contest Maintenance module providing access to what was done, on what computer at what time.



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