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The April 2009 update has been posted and ready for those with an active support license. To update your system run the CSUpdate program in the installation directory or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater.


The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the CS Update program will backup your existing version then download and install the updates.


Featured Updates in the 2009 Release


Center Stage Live with CSRDS


The first thing you will notice with CSRDS is a new "look" and an additional Tab in the configuration settings. The new tab has the configuration options necessary for streaming sites. As always, this is backward compatible and you will NOT need to change any existing configurations.

  • An additional output in TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, or a URL feed

  • A 3rd template allowing a different format for the web site and the streaming system

  • Working with Stream The World we have added specific templates for the Stream The World system

  • We also add a template to allow a direct feed to ANDO for commercial substitution

  • A Promo Between songs to eliminate old songs from the stream during commercial and talk segments

Split Systems

For stations running one system for commercials and another for music, you can now run  a Commercial Only instance of CSRDS limiting output to commercials only.

Automation Systems

We have added support for the Jazler system and added Hot AC, True Oldies, and Best Country to the supported satellite feeds.

For sites not using an automation system for all or part of the day, we have added the ability to capture the now playing information from your Neilson BDS information on your web site.

Data View

While we get a lot of information from an automation system we do not want to use, we may want to see exactly what was received. As such, we add a new tab to the event viewer that will show the last item received from the automation system exactly as it was received.

More Routing Options

We have added more options for each output device to send or block specific items to each device. For example, Music and Commercials to one device, Music only to another and Music and Promotions to yet another.

New HD drivers

To upgrade your existing Center Stage Live package to use the new HD drivers from iBiquity you  will need to download and install the driver update available from Arctic Palm Tech support.


Format Converter

Our Serial/IP/File converter has been expanded to capture data in both TCP/IP and UDP formats and to relay the data in another format including TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, serial or as a data file.

For example, capture data via a serial feed and send it UDP to another computer.

Or send data from an internal system to a static IP on an external network and have CSLink route the data to other PC's on that network.

Remote Content

We have also added our CSReporter package to the Center Stage Live system. With CSReporter you may capture authenticated content from remote providers. Ideal for School, Bus and Business cancellations. CSReporter is a freely distributable program available from Arctic Palm that once authenticated, will send information directly to the station where it will automatically be updated to the on-air studio for a live read, sent to the stations web site and/or fed to the RDS system.


CS Contest Management


A new Collection status report has been added to the Reception module allowing staff to generate user defined reports on what has been collected, what has not and how many are needed.

Call Screening

A new Contest Prompter window has been added making it easier to select and view the Contest copy, Off air and prize information in a user definable window. This same window is available in the Call Screening system


CS Copy Management

Script Reporting

A new user definable script reporting window has been added to the CSWrite menu allowing writers to create a summary of scripts by Client, Station, Writer and see the status of these scripts. Those done on spec, produced or still waiting to be produced

Cart Assignment

The Cart Inventory cart data enter now includes a "Next" command allowing you to assign several carts to a National Client quickly and easily.

Cart List

A new Cart List window has been added providing quick and easy access to all of the active carts for any client. The display is in a small window allowing the users to see both the traffic system and cart assignments at the same time.

CS Interactive

FTP Explorer

We have added support for Active FTP Sites to the FTP Explorer module. This will allow users to verify Passive vs Active FTP sites.


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