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More and more, metadata is becoming an additional source of revenue with on-air clients purchasing Companion or Run-Of-Station ads along with their on-air ads. These are text displays to show on RDS Receivers supplying additional information. These can be as simple as the client's name, phone number and/or web site or specific to promotions such as current sales or specials.


Companion Ads, are messages that are displayed when the client's on-air commercial is playing and may be generic (phone, web, etc) or specific to the product in the commercial (Auto Dealers Service Special)


Run-Of Station Ads are messages scheduled to run on various days and day parts and depending on the stations preferences, rotate into the display along with songs or limited to non-music periods. 


Until now, the client had to trust the message was actually broadcast. We could prove the message was posted to the encoder but had no way of knowing if the message made it to air.


Now with Center Stage Live and the Inovonics 633 FM\RDS Monitor Receiver and 632 HD Radio Monitor, we close the loop. The 633 is an FM Receiver used to monitor the station's FM broadcast and the 632 is an HD receiver use to monitor the stations HD broadcast. The 633 and 632 included a special USB/Serial cable that will return the RDS message from the over the air broadcast to CSRDS. CSRDS will then compare the message posted to the data returned and create an "As Run" file indicating the station, date, time and message that was sent along with an indicator marking the message as Verified or Not Verified for RDS\RBDS and/or HD broadcasts.


This information can then be reported in the CSScheduler Metadata reports or extracted for use in other applications.






Center Stage Live running on a Windows PC with one USB port for each station and one Inovonics 633 FM/RDS Receiver Monitor for each FM station and one Inovonics 632 HD Monitor.




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